Technical Specifications

We externally test many of the felts we supply you as required in the UK at an accredited laboratory.

Please look on the specification to see the testing undertaken on your felt.

The key tests for craft felt are:

EN71 parts 1 / 2 / 3 – Safety of Toys

Part 1 – Mechanical & Physical Properties

Part 2 – Flammability

Part 3 – Migration of Heavy Metals

Reach AZO Dyes Test

AZO Dyes – a set of nitrogen-based synthetic dyes, which are relatively cheap and easy to produce.

Under REACH regulations, many different types of AZO dyes have been banned from use as a textiles or leather colourant because they are known to break down and release carcinogenic chemicals which are harmful to human health.


For more information please click the buttons below to download the Datasheets for each of the following 4 categories;